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Buy tiny, live large!

Interested in purchasing a tiny cottage? These tiny bundles of joy are perfect for cottagers, campers, nomads, lifehackers, investors and nature-lovers. And don’t worry tree-huggers, we got you covered as these can be designed to be completely off grid. 

Go small for a big reward.

Tiny cottages are an affordable alternative as real estate prices have made traditional cottages out of reach for a large percentage of people.

Big (and really cool) things come in small packages, including:

  • Up to 540 square feet of indoor space
  • Lot for the home in one of our parks across Ontario
  • Sleeping space for 2 to 6 people
  • Innovative Design
  • Superior home finishes
  • Top-quality kitchen and bathroom amenities
  • Optional lofts for extra sleeping space
  • Additions and deck add-ons available

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